Whether your design requires a small CPLD or the largest available FPGA, EnCADIS has the expertise and experience to develop an efficient design to meet your requirements. We employ an HDL design process and support all major FPGA and CPLD Vendors (Lattice, Xilinx, Altera). EnCADIS is a member of Lattice's LEADER™ program. Whether implementing complex state machines, algorithms, or random logic, EnCADIS will provide you with an optimized solution utilizing the lowest cost and smallest devices possible with enough head room to allow for future feature enhancements. We pride ourselves in the ability to get the most performance out of the lowest speed grade parts. EnCADIS has maintained a close working relationship with major FPGA/CPLD device and tool vendors to ensure that your designs can take advantage of the latest available technology.

Design Capabilities

  • Complete FPGA Development (Xilinx, Altera, Lattice)
  • CPLD Device Development
  • State Machines, Complex Algorithms, Random Logic
  • Design and Device Optimization
  • Simulation and Debugging Services
  • ASIC Conversion and Emulation Support
  • IP Integration
  • PCIe, Hard and Soft Cores