Corporate Background

EnCADIS Design, Inc. was founded in June of 2003. The founders and key team members have been working together since 1996. They first came together as a team at Bell Laboratories, and after completing development of an IP Switch Router product line, moved on to start Broadspider Networks, Inc, a company focused on development of broadband access products based on a novel hardware architecture and tightly coupled proprietary QoS algorithms. The team then join Parama Networks, Inc (acquired by Bay Microsystems) to established their system development infrastructure, develop next generation SONET/SDH transport products, and to provide system level expertise to Parama's ASIC team. After Parama shifted its focus to a fabless ASIC company, the team decided to stay together and founded EnCADIS Design, Inc. Early customers included Parama, and BAE Systems, in addition to a number of start-ups with projects ranging from wireless consumer products and medical imaging to high performance ASICs.

The EnCADIS team has taken complex design ideas from concept to architecture and working, manufacturable prototypes, in as little as five months. EnCADIS Design's success is the direct result of having a highly skilled team with a long history of technical innovations in the Telecommunications and electronic products design industry, and many years working together as a team. The team members' highly complementary skills, coupled with their technical expertise and experience in product design enable faster development, higher quality designs, and fully manufacturable products that work on the first design iteration. The team's long working relationship and complementary skills provide a strong, synergistic entity with greater depth and capabilities than the sum of the individual skills. The team's productivity and creativity is enhanced by its members' ability to work together and their extensive experience at solving problems jointly. The teamís work is consistently at the leading edge of current technology and produces outstanding results. The team is known for its technical breadth and depth, and its ability to deliver on time and with quality. The EnCADIS core team members have filed and received many patents, attesting to their innovation and creativity.